The Heroes of Hirot

Doom of the Savage Kings

Victory and Betrayal

After reaching the tomb and thoroughly looting it, the party is in possession of the Spear of Ulfehenar and the Horn of Kings. Mr. Star the Wizard has also taken possession of a black orb that his thief was carrying around, when he caught the thief talking to it in a vulgar manner.

Walking out the front door of the tomb the party was attacked by hidden archers and a mage. You caught a few arrows but charged the archers, ultimately engaging most of them in melee. Benny the Magnificent and Mr. Star got into a spell-duel with the mystery mage. During the battle, Mr. Star and the mage clashed and caused a Phlogiston Disturbance—both were instantly transported to a different dimension.

The fight went badly for the brave archers, and you murder-hobos mobbed them and killed them all save the leader. Another had surrendered, but had unfortunately surrendered to a fighter in the middle of an ancient-magic induced berserker state, who did not even hear what the the guy was saying before he decapitated him. The Huntmaster explained the Jarl had sent them to kill you, but was himself furious at the Jarl when he was told about the rigged lottery box.

Meanwhile Mr. Star had invoked his patron, promising to brand a symbol on his chest and open a library/shrine to it IF IT WOULD JUST TAKE HIM HOME. The patron agreed and pulled him back.

On reflection, since Star got a good look at the mage, he looked familiar.

You guys are healed up, rested up, spelled up and heading over to the shrine stones to face the Hound, minus 1 Bard.



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