The Heroes of Hirot

From the Journal of Benny, the Magnificent, First of His Line

You'll Fly When I Tell You, Fools

Benny’s Journal:

Having obtained a fine, leather bound book, I have chosen to chronicle my exploits in hopes of passing along my insights to those who will inevitably follow me. We traveled East towards a remote and primitive trading posts so that some of the men-at-arms could better equip themselves since they rely on the strength of their steel rather than the steel in their hearts. I have the good fortune of traveling with my apprentice, Star, who seems to be learning quite a lot from me as we spend the days discussing The Art and other philosophical topics. His mind is not as keen, of course, but it provides a pleasant distraction from the crude ramblings of Ming or the mumbling of Floyd. I must admit that the priestess, Daphne, also provides a pleasant divergence. She vexes me though. At times, she hangs on my every word and looks at me with unconcealed wonder, but she is shy and whenever she finds herself too close to my impressive physical presence, she becomes a shy and awkward girl. If I decide to take her as a mate, I will have to break her of that as it will just not do to have a wallflower clinging to me.

The Fates deemed me valuable enough to gift me with a valuable servant; a mist elemental I’ve taken to calling Brume. Of course, the neophytes I travel with hardly realize that it is just a pun on the fact that Brume actually means mist. Ahhh, the simple minded. How I pity them.

As we were surveying the squalor that the frontiersmen call a trading post, we deduced that they were in dire need of our assistance. We traveled with a guide to locate some of their missing peasants when we met up with a savage hermit. He was friendly at first, leading us to his dwelling which was nothing more than a hole in a tree, when the poor fellow went mad and turned on us. Even though he had two pets that he tried to sick on us, we quickly dispatched him and his beasts. I must say that the Priestess showed great resourcefulness by calling upon Amantor to command the simple minded savage. We had the rogues search his dwelling but they required my assistance in finding a trap door leading down into a dungeon where I was able to rescue the peasant family (minus the adult male). It became apparent to me that they were held in some sort of feeding chamber for a foul abomination, so I set the group to prepare a trap. After some trial and error, we drew the foul beast forth and began harrying it. Realizing that it would quickly slip away, I sacrificed my beloved, demonic snake horn to The Fates and closed off the beast’s retreat before sending forth meteors to obliterate it before it could harm those under my protection.

We then descended into the cavern it used as a lair and discovered some fine, exotic weapons and armor which I gladly distributed for an adequate attempt by my group in battling the aberrant forces. I shan’t be too hard on them because they lack the means to channel the forces of Fate with a mere thought. I did find a nice, golden torc amid the other rubbish which looks quite good on me. The poor, misguided armsmen were about to crawl into a corrosive cavern to check on three obviously deceased cadavers before my voice of reason saved them from a tragic (and ultimately inconvenient) death. So, we head back to the surface to investigate the strange woods that the weaker minded claimed gave them bad dreams the night before. It’s a burden, but one I take on to further my quest to rid the land of imbalance and corruption.



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