The Heroes of Hirot

Star log- The tree

I don't differentiate much, except in degree, between people who believe in religion from those who believe in astrology, magic or the supernatural.

The battle below. Our first attempt to tame the beast was not successful. the Worm seemed to not have any interest in a dead body in stead it wanted fresh flesh. the beast crawled to attack myself and pint size. Lucky for for all of us my plan of sitting in the cages worked. While my some what delusional friend Benny waited in the safety of the hall way. As the beast attacked I tried force the beast to sleep it was not successful. The brave fighters of Slim and Sam where successful in driving the created back down it hole..

My battle plan for the second attack was much more successful. The group hunted down a deer and thanks to Benny. it was put to sleep. The deer was placed on the alter and while it was a sleep we coated it furs with poison. We rang the bell the worm came to investigate the poison slowed down enough allowing the group to kill it. We investigated the lear and found treasure.

As we where preparing to leave the tree in the morning it came to life and began to attack Benny and his friend the barber. Benny was over come with anxiety and fear as the tree be can to control his thoughts. Calling on the Patron they crenated me favor in casting my most powerful spell ever. The tree was so weakened from my might that the others where quick to dispose of it.

Note to self Benny continues to grow more and more delusional in his power he thinks glowing red as he cast his spells will struck fear in to the hearts of our attackers what he does not realize is true power comes from not seeing the attack coming just ask the priest in the town who I kill just with a thought.



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