A Beautiful and Powerful Cleric of Amun-tor


A physically slight, almost waifish, woman all of 5 feet tall and pushing 90 pounds. Her long brown hair, green eyes and girlish charm combined with her strong personality make those that encounter her take notice.
Cleric, level 2, neutral, HP:9, lived through a famine: +1 on fort saves

Ref:0 Fort:+2 Will:+3

Equipped with her:mithril mace(1d6), ceremonial dagger(1d5), Sling & 20 stones(1d4) & 30 iron bullets(1d5)
Wearing: Leather Armor and mithril helm
backpack, waterskin, 4 days rations, 2 torches, tinderbox, all-seeing eye holy symbol
spells: blessing, detect magic, holy sanctuary, paralysis, second sight, word of command


Daphnee is the daughter of dirtvilles only true merchant and as such she had an easier childhood than most having luxury items such as food and clothing. Well, most of the time she had food but even her family was hard pressed during the famine in dirtville and as a result she’s learned to survive hardship and endure. Her older brother stood to inherit the family business leaving Daphnee little options but to either marry a wealthy husband, a nonexistent thing in dirtville, or try her luck following the tales adventuring if she didn’t want to experience more hardship. She chose to try her hand adventuring after receiving strange dreams. Taking her faithful, and indentured, servant Sam she set off to find her fortune and her destiny.
After successfully completing the portal under the stars, her curiosity and sense of adventure growing, she came understand the meaning of her strange dreams. Amun-tor had chosen her to be one of his blessed clerics. To seek out the secrets and mysteries of the world and spread the word, and influence, of Amun-tor.
During her initial visit to hirot, the town priest of justicia was suddenly consummed by acid after repeatly disparaging the party. Daphnee clearly saw this was divine intervention against the priest for spreading lies and misinformation. She spread the word of blessed Amun-tor and converted the acolytes of justicia. She cast holy sanctuary on the previous temple of justicia and made it permanently a temple to blessed Amun-tor. She replaced the warhammer of justicia with the spear of ulfenor above the altar thereby solidifying the worship of Amun-tor in hirot.
Part of Amun-tor’s teachings is to teach the secrets of reading and writing to his followers, which Daphnee has been doing for the acolytes and the townspeople. She has even written the tale of the founding of the temple on a scroll displayed below the spear of ulfenor.


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