Ming the Unfortunate

A simple, unlucky warrior



Standing at an unassuming height and being neither fat nor thin, it is easy to overlook this simple warrior in his scale mail with a pair of swords at his hips and a bow slung over shoulder along with a small store’s inventory in or hanging on his rucksack. The only thing of note, really, is his brightly polished bronze buckler strapped to his left arm that he absent mindedly shines with a rag or the end of his cloak. Slow not just in mind but in anger as well, this mild mannered young man seems like he’d be more at home in the rice paddies than playing at hero, but that’s before the havoc cry of his friends and the sound of metal being drawn from scabbards. That is when Ming transforms from a simpleton to a death dealing whirlwind of steel. Capable of great feats of heroism and daring, Ming charges into battle against foes most men would run from in fear.



Magical Hammer of Law (1 to hit & dmg plus a special effect vs Undead) [-1 vs Law]
Half-Plate Mail
Buckler of the Ancients – Shiny, Magical, Bronze Buckler (
Mithral Helm

Large rucksack
50’ rope with grapnel
Misc adventuring gear

Horse – Ed

Mule – Cheech (carrying party’s traveling supplies)

Large Male Hound – Zeus


Ming started life as a simple rice farmer just as his father did and his father’s father did and so on. Always too busy with his chores to find any time or need for what his Da called “book smarts”, Ming became captivated by a poor beggar in town who would use words Ming had never heard before and although he never quite understood what his friend, Benny, was saying, he liked the beggar who treated him not as the slow witted rice farmer’s son, but as a man in his own right.

Plagued by not only a lack of education or learning, but also a string of unfortunate incidents, the townsfolk started calling him Ming the Unfortunate. Not understanding why they laughed when they said it, Ming assumed it was another joke that he didn’t quite understand. After following some of the other young townsfolk into a mysterious land of adventure, Ming was amazed to find his poor friend, Benny, possessed of unnatural powers. Benny could mend broken things for a short time, he could grow in height or make others grow, he could move things with his mind, but most of all, he could destroy things with a wave of his hands. Ming knew this was unnatural but his friend explained that they were meant for greater things than rice farming. Benny would talk for hours during the weeks after they went on their first adventure. He said that there terrible things in the world and it was up to them to destroy these things and help people. He said that it was their “Fate” and whenever Benny started talking like that, there was a fire in his eyes, the room would get colder and Ming knew that Benny was not just smart, but powerful like those people in the stories.

So Ming took the sword and armor he found in that strange land they adventured in and set about learning how to use them. He found that he didn’t need big words or book learning when he was swinging his sword. He wasn’t especially strong but it just seemed to make sense to him and the world seemed better standing beside his friend with a sword in hand.

On that fateful day when Benny told him they were leaving, Ming drew his blade across his palm and swore to his friend that he would protect him. After all, that’s what friends should do, wasn’t it? Protect their weaker, sicker friends? And when they headed out of town, Benny told the villagers that he, Benny the Magnificent, was going to restore order to the world, Ming said that he, Ming the Unfortunate was too. As the villagers laughed, Ming realized that they were not laughing at a joke, they were laughing at him! Benny got angry then and used his magic to frighten them and boy, did they get scared! Ming realized that Benny was looking out for him as much as Ming wanted to look out for him. At that moment, Ming knew that he would follow his friend into the demonlands themselves.

Ming the Unfortunate

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