Daphnee's faithful servant/ guardian and worshipper of Amun-tor


Standing 6’1" and weighing about 175lbs with wild longish blonde hair and grey eyes. He constantly appears to be in need of a shave and grooming. Extremely loyal to his mistress Daphnee and to a lesser extent, his friends/party. A quiet but likeable enough sort with a rough mannerism found more in outdoorsy frontiersmen.
Warrior, level:2, neutral, raised by wolves: +1 to unarmed attacks



Armed with a spear, mithril short sword and knife
Wearing studded leather, mithril helm, and wooden shield
*Hide of the cave bear cloak
Locket with Daphnee’s portrait inside
Backpack with rations and water skin
All weather cloak
10’ forester’s chain
3torches and tinder box
1 lb of herbs
2 yards of sail cloth


I have no idea who my parents are/were or my true age. My earliest memory is of wolves, my adopted family, and living in the wild. It is a fairly common practice to leave unwanted children in the wild, to let nature “take it’s course” (a quick death rather than a slow one due to famine or disease). At least it was supposed to be a quick death but obviously something mysterious happened and wolves adopted and raised me, at least until about the age of six (guessing) when I was caught raiding a farmer’s chickens with my pack mates. The farmer had no idea of what to make of the naked, feral child I was, so he asked the village mayor and village wisewoman. Being quite a puzzle, they asked around for any clues to my identity and what to do with me. I was the talk of the village and the source of much entertainment while inquiries were made to all the outlying farms and nearest villages. I was kept and cared for by the local tavern keeper as an attraction for awhile and slowly taught to speak and be civilized. I then worked doing odd chores around the village to earn a meal whenever I could. Until that fateful day when I snuck into the village merchant trading post and knocked over a shelf of lanterns, breaking most of them. One lantern survived and was bought by Benny’s father at a greatly increased cost due to it’s rarity. Even though it was an accident, since I had no family and no way to repay the cost of the highly valuable lanterns, I was made an indentured servant to the merchant until the debt was worked off.
The merchant and his family treated me well enough and even taught me basic reading and ciphering so that I could be of more help around the store. As I grew into young adulthood, I spent more and more time with the merchants beautiful daughter Daphnee. She was such a slight lady that I was always fetching things or carrying things that were too heavy for her. Eventually, I was given into Daphnee’s service full time, which suited me fine since I felt there was some greater destiny meant for her and I had a part to play in this mysterious, secret, future endeavors.


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