The Crystal Globe

Glowing Crystal Ball


The Crystal Globe emits an ongoing light. Mr. Star and Benny the Magnficent! understand that it can be used as a scrying ball, but only Mr. Star has learned how to use it.

It can be used to view a location he has seen or has reference to with a DC 10 check, and with personal effects or hair can view a creature with a DC 18 spell check to activate for 1d6 rounds. -2 penalty for each consecutive use in a day.

Use of the Chrystal Ball is somewhat addictive.

Mr. Star successfully looked in on Sylleh Ru once, before Sylleh was able to close the connection.

At least once, something has looked BACK at Mr. Star from far, far away…


Found in the Portal Under the Stars, after defeating the War-Wizard and his army of clay soldiers.

The Crystal Globe

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