Additional info on Amun-tor, god of mystery and riddles:

Amun-Tor’s worship started far away in the desert, a landscape that holds many secrets. You’ve never seen a desert, but you understand the concept.

Amun-Tor’s symbol is a stylized eye, it varies depending where the worship is.
Temples of Amun-Tor are filled with books and scrolls that contain many types of information. The information contained is always valuable but retrieving it takes time. They are often in riddles or coded.

Temples of Amun-Tor are often hidden in plain sight and only those devout to Amun-Tor may access them easily.

As the god of mysteries and riddles Amun-Tor has many names, here are some of them:
The Black Pharaoh, Emperor of Scarabs, Keeper of the Forbidden Vault, The Prince of Deserts, Lord of the Black Sun, Maharajah of Dusk, The Obsidian Lord.


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