Geography and Destinations


Dirtville. A small if over-populated village of harsh poverty and low education.

Kellisk. A trading outpost west of Hirot, deep in the dark forest.

The Weeping Forest. The dark forest near Kellisk that sometimes causes horrible nightmares if you spend the night inside of it.

The King’s Road. The ancient highway built by a long-dead king by a long-forgotten empire. A wide road in some places, barely a dirt path in others.

Hirot. A town north of Dirtville, the party stumbled upon it in their travels and saved it from the depredations of a demon. It is recovering population and wealth since the Heroes made it their home base.

Hellmouth of the Ruined Keep. A large fog-enshrouded sinkhole formed when the Ruined Keep of the Beastmen and Chaos priests collapsed after the destruction of the Chaos Lord.

Village of Billet. A much nicer place than Dirtville, at the base of high, rolling hills in the South. It is East of the King’s Way on its own well-worn path.

Town of Humboldt. A town on the other side of the Vast Water; a messenger traveled from there to Hirot seeking to hire the party for a man who’s lost some artifacts to pirates. They say the streets there are paved with gold.

City of Irolan. A small city-state ruled by a Duke; a messenger arrived in Hirot urgently requesting assistance from the party to save the life of the Duke’s daughter. About 10 days journey by coach from Hirot.

The Lone Colossus. Located in farmland between Irolan and Humboldt, South-West of Hirot along the King’s Way or across the water. A representative of a farmer’s collective arrived in Hirot to beg the party to investigate a massive statue that they believe is killing crops and causing birth defects in animals and people.

The Abandoned Dwarf Stronghold. Far to the North, a dwarf arrived asking if the party would be willing to explore the old stronghold and retrieve a particular item.

Geography and Destinations

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