The Heroes of Hirot

Benny's Journal Entry #6 - On The Road Again

You can never truly go home again

After defeating the Chaos spawned demon by harnessing the arcane forces at my disposal, we departed the foul lair with some impressive magic from my apprentice, Star. It was well done. I must be an exceptional teacher.

After we recovered from our trials and tribulations, we returned to Hiroit where we greeted as the conquering heroes that we are. Iraco wisely stepped aside as our steward and turned over the rulership of the town to us. We feasted and soaked in the adulation of the commoners. Daphne and her acolyte attended to their temple while Star went off to conduct his studies. I took the time to delve further into the Arcane Mysteries that bend to my will. It was a lengthy and expensive process, but I was able to perfect a means to spin an incredibly large web similiar to what a very large spider would do. I fear that I poured too much power into the spell because each time I cast it, the very heavens split open and lightning flashes through the sky for days on end. I always suspected it, but I am confident now that I wield tremendous arcane power. It is a burden to be so gifted, but one I bear with humility. It seems that my body withers to give more power to my mind in order to unlock the mysteries of the Arcane.

After my research was done, Daphne and I received visitors as acting Jarl. We were approached by several petitioners for aid. A businessman’s representative asked us to locate lost relics for his master. The pay was handsome, but Daphne and her men-at-arms were loathe to sail the open waters, so we declined. A noble dwarf begged us to seek out an old dwarven fortress to the North and explore it for him. Even though it would tax me physically, I was confident we could traverse the difficult mountainous terrain, but again Daphne begged me not to endanger myself. I forget how much I mean to her. Finally, a man representing the Duke of Irolan asked us to investigate the danger to the Duke’s daughter. We quickly agreed and Billy Bob secured us transport with a coach headed South. The men-at-arms rode as a protective screen around me. Daphne was even so worried about me that she insisted on not riding in the coach, but riding guard as well. Her affections and worry are amusing at times.

I was quite surprised when we rode into Dirtville of all places with the intention of resting the horses. Why anyone would willingly stop in that town is beyond me, but I try to give the men some latitude with mundane details such as these. As we arrived, there were a handful of brutes taking out their anger upon the peasants. It didn’t concern me, so I continued to meditate, but I then heard Daphne and her acolyte get into a heated argument. It seems that these four armored thugs were headed North to take issue with us dispatching the corrupt priest of Justicia in Hiroit. Daphne had converted the acolytes and dedicated the temple to Amun-Tor, which apparently triggered something in the brains of these Neanderthals and they thought the best way to win over the hearts and minds of the peasants was to beat them. I would’ve let them be, if for no other reason than to punish those uncharitable bastards for their neglect when I was but a poor mendicant on the dirt streets of this aptly name little sty of a town. However, it seemed that my assistance was needed if we were to be on our way and I thought a suit of their fine armor would fit Ming quite well. So, I had Brume slip out of the coach to a point that I could better see and I unleashed my new spell. I caught two of the larger brutes in an unbreakable web of Arcane power and the heavens tore with the might of my magic. Lightning flashed and the peasants screamed in horror as they ran from my display of power into the nearby hills. After that display of mastery over forces their minds could barely comprehend, the enemy was quickly dispatched and two were taken as prisoners.

I hear the others debating what to do with the prisoners now. Daphne, the gentle soul, wants to redeem them while Star wisely suggested they be eradicated. It’s times like these that I miss Floyd. He wouldn’t have debated the issue. He would’ve had them killed, quartered and shaved by now. I best finish this and step out to add my considerable intellect to settle this issue.


Another excellent journal entry. It’s great to see how well your apprentice is coming along, and to hear of Daphne’s affection and concern for your well-being!


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