Benny the Magnificent!

A powerful and mighty wizard


A frail and weak human, aged beyond his years from a hard life with a persistent cough and a back bent by society’s cruelty. Benny shuffles along in his dirty robes supporting his fragile frame on his bone staff with several seemingly mundane stones rattling on their leather cords. Peering under the large hood of his robes, you see the sign of the fates prominently tattooed across his face. Not a strand of hair adorns his head, nor do ears stick out from his skull, but you hardly notice as you stare at his all white eyes lacking irises or any color whatsoever.

Easily dismissed as nothing more than an eccentric, you are surprised at the power of his voice as he throws his hands up in the air, the air around him glowing fiery red, as he calls upon his arcane power to battle chaos and restore balance to the world.

Strength 5
Agility 15
Stamina 7
Personality 14
Luck 11
Intelligence 15

Reflex 2
Fortitude 0
Will 3

AC 11
HP 11

Born in The Raging Storm (+1 spell damage per die)

Corruption: Ears have shriveled up and fallen off (although he can still hear), his eyes and pupils have turned chalky white, and his fingertips turned translucent and nearly invisible, almost ghostlike. And all of his hair has fallen out. He hides this by keeping his hood up, gloves on, and he wears a pair of very cool, steampunk style goggles that the villagers made so they wouldn’t need to stare into the depths of his all white eyes.

Spell burn Damage: Face Tattoo of The Fates

Focus Familiar – “Brume” Mist Elemental HP:3 / AC:14 +1 Attack, 1d3 Damage
Convivial (friendly, agreeable)
Telepathic with Benny the Magnificent
Able to see through Brume’s eyes
Any spell cast through Brume receives +1 to spell check

Spells learned (mercurial magic):
Patron Bond (none)
Invoke Patron (1 when cast)
Magic Missile ( glow fiery red, terrible to behold)
Read Magic (none)
Mending (none)
Detect Magic (mentalism)
Cantrip (none)
Magic Shield (difficult to cast – use d16 for spell check)
Enlarge (luck distortion – suffer -2 luck for 1d4 rounds)
Sleep (none)
Find Familiar (accidental alchemist)
Animal Summoning (none)
Blade of Atropos (stolen knowledge – % chance of attracting spirit of long dead Archmage, “Sezraken the Mad”)
Invisible Companion (none)
Phantasm (luck distortion – suffer -2 luck for 1d4 rounds)
Spiderweb (Weatherman – freak lightning storm hammers the area for 1d100 hours)
Scorching Ray (Phase out for 1d4
2 rounds)

Languages Known: Common, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnoll

Crimson robes with symbol of The Fates
Bone Staff with common river rocks attached by a leather cord
Jeweled Long Sword (six gems worth 10sp each)


Benny grew up in the gutters of a small town, huddled in his rags, surviving on the meager scraps the townsfolk would throw at him rather than their pigs. Anyone calling him a beggar would quickly be corrected that he was a mendicant, not a beggar, for Benny was gifted with a sharp mind and a grander sense of self than any thought he had a right to. Wracked by illness and harassed by those stronger than him, which was seemingly everyone, the only people who were ever nice to him were a simple rice farmer, Ming, and the very odd town barber, Floyd. Knowing, or at least hoping, that he was destined for something greater, he agreed when his only two friends in the world set off on adventure. After finding a strange tome, he discovered he had a connection to other worldly powers and learned quickly how to channel that power. Filled with new found power, he guided his companion, Star, to embrace the Fates and join him in a battle to eradicate the taint of Chaos and restore balance to the world. If he could intimidate those who used to belittle him at the same time, all the better.

As he came to master his burgeoning powers, his simple friend, Ming, started to hold him in awe until the day Benny left their little village in a frightening show of arcane power that humbled every villager. After that dramatic displays and in no small part to Benny’s undeniable charisma, his friend Ming pledged his life in service to the wizard. Never forgetting his roots, Benny treats Ming as almost an equal but relies on him for the more mundane chores as he contemplates the mysteries of the universe.

Benny is pragmatic and a survivor above all else, but he is willing to put his frail frame at risk in his pursuit of heretical witchcraft. That is evident even this early in his career as his body begins to pay the toll for delving into the arcane arts. He is also becoming a delusional narcissist who believes that Daphne is in love with him, the others are merely his “followers” and he is destined to become the greatest wizard of all time.

Benny the Magnificent!

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