Donnald of the Prairie dog tribe

Quiet silent type looking for knowledge


“A most excellent thief”:

Strength 16
Agility 8
Stamina 5
Personality 10
Luck 11
Intelligence 14

AC/11 Hit Point 10 Speed 30 +1 padded Leather

Fine Short Sword Long bow with 17 arrows

2 Iron Spikes
Crow Bar
Back pack


Donnald is the quiet silent type, born to a barbarian tribe on the great plans. Donnald was following in his fathers footsteps and was training to become the tribes shaman. As part of his training all tribe members must take a pilgrimage of knowledge . Week 5 of his pilgrimage a small group of villagers asked Donnald to escort them on an adventure to explore an unidentified portal. The thought of the unknown was too intriguing to pass up. When the adventure was complete and the group survived Donnald thought to continue his pilgrimage with the group.

Donnald of the Prairie dog tribe

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